What are the main issues in academia?

One has to be honest with oneself to be able to all kinds errosive issues in academia.

Why couldn’t most people think critically but judgmentally?

Lacking a deep understanding of human mind, that's no possibility to be critical; as a slave to language, we keep playing the game of word to block us from seeing the truth.

Goodbye 2019

The year 2019 is doomed to be unforgetable! I am so grateful to 2019, a year full of actions to practice mindfulness in life! From 2019, life has become a true meditation.

How Mindfulness helps you through a fight and defend values

Any fight is a mental game, where the ugliest sides of human nature can reveal. Mindfulness helps you see the things as they are, which is the only way to understand the situation. To defend the values, you have to be mentally strong and you can be via mindfulness.

Overspecialization endangers academic freedom?

Overspecialization creates intellecutual isolationism, or narrow-mindedness, or all kinds of academic boundaries, leaving little space for generalists, does this endanger academic freedom?

Unwholesome intentions in academia

Intention matters; that's why unwholesome intention matters to academia. Their influence should not be ignored.

In face of misconduct why do you need to speak up?

Some reflections on acamdemic misconduct and scientific sabotage from the recent #MeTooAcademia event at VU.

Academic Integrity

A philosophical examination of academic integrity combining mindfulness and individual experience

To be critical, one has to be non-judgmental

A reflection on the relation between being critical and being nonjudgmental.

Doing a PhD is more than doing research

A concise summary of my thoughts on doing a PhD and what necessitates a well-deserved PhD