My Summer Plan in 2018

A few days ago, I concocted a reading list for my whole summer, but soon I realized that it was too much and would be very stressful if I could follow it through. The aspiration to swig the knowledge and satisfy my curiosity always rushes me and makes me overestimate the usage of my mental power; however, my desire to guarantee the time affluence can counterbalance it. In my high-dimensional psychological world, doing nothing for a while is also an important thing to do. I wish I could achieve more without sowing the seeds of stress and unhappiness, but reality teaches me that that is just hard.

Anyway, I will use one-quarter of the working time to explore some psychological theories; meanwhile, I will continue my journey of meditation. All of these are helpful in optimizing my mental space. The first book I am going to finish listening is “Why you are who you are”.

The second thing I want to get devoted to is blogging. It is a little shame that I have not written anything since the first post. My thought of writing has kept fluctuating, in other words, I had not made up my mind to write regularly, which is a huge task. Perhaps the fear of free expression as a Chinese still hangs over me from time to time; anyway, I need to break this old mental habit. I need to write and I will! However, I won’t set myself an aim, but I am happy as long as I can finish one article.

Another book I want to finish reading is Judea Pearl’s new book “The book of Why: the New Science of Cause and Effect”, it always helps to learn from a great mind.

The last perhaps also the most thing to do is to enjoy the summer and no serious work!

Chao (Cico) Zhang
Philosopher, Doer, Generalist, Zen Mindfulness Meditator, Mathematician, PhD Candidate

With mindfulness and philosophy, I relish thinking about the meaning of being and doing.

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