How Mindfulness helps you through a fight and defend values

Any moment in your life is a practice of mindfulness

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At a time in your life, you probably want to file a complaint to get things corrected, especially in an environment where moral degradation abounds, and dehumanization is rife. Of course, it is never easy to describe what is called moral degradation or dehumanization, or else, your situation wouldn’t have been so tricky. In many cases, you probably have to file a formal complaint to let your voice be heard. It is a sad thing that you have to take trouble to file a formal complaint and get through the emotions and reactions to make yourself heard when the crooked system is rife with hierarchies, perverted incentives, manipulation, egoism and narcissism.

If you decide to do so, do it, that’s probably the best way to air your grievance, rather than keep it to yourself, get you depressed and mentally disadvantaged, and then you get a label called burn-out; but bear in mind, it is a mental game. If someone could drive you crazy (though it could be rephrased that you overact, you see how manipulative it is) in a way that you have to file a formal complaint, you have to keep in mind that you are probably in a battle with someone with some unique personality; you have to be aware of the different neural circuits running through your opponent’s head and the impact on you, such as emotion and reaction; that’s where mindfulness1 comes into play.

Mindfulness is just a word, a label, but the true meaning behind it is vast. Simply speaking, mindfulness lets you observe your mind at present, non-judgmentally. This observance is the only way to understand yourself and the truth of human minds, which means that you could see the nature and structure of the issue clearly without being impeded by your judgements, emotions and thoughts. Mindfulness lets you lead a moral life based on compassion. Yes, a life with love. Can you imagine a righteous person without compassion or an immoral person but compassionate? When one is full of love at heart, one is moral naturally; there is no need to define morality; but one is not compassion-driven, no matter how to set a moral standard, people will always get away with murder. Texts here are full of confusion and cannot help you. You have to observe your mind and reflect on the points in solitude.

Mindfulness brings mental clarity when you are in such a mental game.

  1. Mindfulness can calm you down and get rid of the trap of emotions and reactions; a cool head is something you need to handle the situation. Mindfulness enables you to be with the situation, whatever is happening, neither escape nor recoil from it when you are present, no thoughts pop in, and no fear gets into you.
  2. Mindfulness lets you accept the imperfect side of you and makes you truly be who you are. You are fighting not because you are perfect, but because everyone is imperfect.
  3. Mindfulness lets you accept the nasty nature of human beings, all kinds of disenchantment and lets you feel unsurprised at framing, distortion, fabrication and gossiping.
  4. Mindfulness makes you mentally strong and helps you rise above the negativities, lets you know that the only principle you need to stick with is love and compassion; via this principle, you will see a clear picture of what’s going on.
  5. Mindfulness lets you see clearly what is truly wrong in the situation, and what kinds of mental loops are running in people’s heads without being affected by them, which means it lets you see the main problem clearly without being sidetracked by other imperfect details, which people usually exploit in a manipulative way. Mindfulness enables you to drop the expectation that people may change for the better due to conscience, that’s no such a thing called conscience and people are just stuck in their mental loops, struggling and suffering.
  6. Mindfulness keeps you compassionate, which is essential. You are not fighting against people, but some ill thoughts, not because of aversion but out of compassion; people are the victims of the ill thoughts and will and deserves your sympathy.
  7. Because of compassion, mindfulness gives you the power to recognize the manipulation, framing and gossiping fairly quickly without being hit by the negatives associated with them. This part sounds nasty, but it has almost always happened up to this stage of your fight.
  8. Mindfulness lets you be aware of the people’s true intentions behind it, which corresponds to all kinds of ill thoughts or will for the sake of ego; mindfulness lets you realize the danger of being attached to texts, which people are usually fastidious about to find faults with you. Via mindfulness, you understand that manipulation feeds on words and manipulation reflects the deep fear in their mind, the fear to face the truth and the fear of hurting their egos.
  9. Mindfulness lets you see the affair from totality. Via mindfulness, you understand everything is so closely interconnected; any attempt to divide and limit the attention on a tiny part rather than the whole will inevitably lead to conflict and therefore suffering. If you could see a thing as a whole and deeply feel the necessity of totality, you would realize that any story concocted based on parts of the matter rather than the whole is only a distortion of the truth, a new level of manipulation not so visible to most people.
  10. Mindfulness lets you reach out to more people in similar situations; mindfulness enables you to do things on a mission, not for yourself (you understand that ego is an illusion), but for the general human environment, out of compassion.
  11. Mindfulness puts you through this fight as a tremendously valuable experience. You know that you have done something you never regret.
  12. Mindfulness lets you realize that it is only you that can truly help you, any advice you receive may only add the mental burden without getting anything done.
  13. Mindfulness lets you realize that’s no such a thing called authority; humans are humans; knowing this, you won’t have any expectations from the things you are doing. Anyway, do it.
  14. Mindfulness makes you a human.

This is mindfulness, or Zen, or 禅, or whatever you would like to call. Mindfulness is beyond description, and the only way to understand it is to experience it and observe it with love and practice it at each moment of your life.

A journey of mindfulness has its beginning, but no end, because mindfulness is a way of life. If you embark on such a journey, that would be the wisest decision you could ever make in your life.

  1. Mindfulness is only a word, a label; to truly understand mindfulness, one has to practice it. One needs to observe one’s mind non-judgmentally and at present, to reflect from the totality of the mind. ↩︎

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