I am look for cooperation or supervison on one of my PhD projects

A mindful way to rethink about the research

Hello, world:

I am looking for a professor or senior researcher or whoever in philosophy (science integrity or artificial intelligence) for cooperation or guidance or supervision on one of my PhD projects. In this project, I hope to mindfully explore the philosophical side of bioinformatics/computational biology to understand the grey area in this domain; via this, I hope to be able to cast some light on the relations of the practitioners’ beliefs and the discipline dynamics. If you are interested in this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What do I expect of you?

  1. You are a professor or a senior researcher or whoever in the related domain, who is eager to help a younger academic (at least me) to grow and thrive.
  2. You will spend some of your time on the project.
  3. You are mindful, communicative and open-minded, cherishing human values, humanity and spirituality.
  4. You are a broad-thinker with intelligence humbleness, caring about intelligence advancement, academic development, and meaningful contribution to the world.
  5. You hold the opinion that academia should not be career-centred.
  6. You disapprove of materialism.
  7. You are willing to challenge the existing rules or orders to defend the values for the good of academia.
  8. You are happy with the remote communication (I’ll make it as efficient as possible) if you are not based in Amsterdam or the Netherlands.

What can I offer?

  1. A unique experience and relationship in cooperation/supervision of a PhD project.
  2. Good communication and excellent human interaction due to my personality (I am very independent, mindful and easy-going).
  3. Potential intelligent contribution to your research and a long-term intelligent relationship and cooperation.
  4. A high-level spiritual conversation.

Project information

For the current project I am working on, please find the relevant information via this link: Deep Generative Models and Single Cell Data

Other information

Length: 6 months to 1 year (TBD, let’s discuss).

Contacts: c.zhang#vu.nl

Homepage: https://hi-it.org

Expiration date: July 1st, 2019

Why such an AD?

I am currently doing my PhD in Amsterdam. It is slightly subjective to say that the academic culture I am in is rather career-oriented and egocentric, deeply based on the materialistic viewpoint: people care more about the number of publications and their career development than the philosophical thinking of doing things. However, I firmly believe in the importance of prioritising philosophical thinking in conducting research to benefit society. This belief has inevitably dragged me into a series of fights, but I am happy I survived. In my PhD project (I must say how grateful I am for the freedom I have), I would like to apply my philosophy values, mindfulness into the research. Via this, I hope for a meaningful way of researching at least to me, if not to more people yet. With this ambition, I have embarked on a journey of solitude, but it does not mean that I have to be alone. Someone in the world must share similar values or thoughts with me. If it is you, you are welcome to join me. I promise this will be a meaningful experience for you as well.

To reach out, I set up a campaign in Google Ads to put up this ad, just for a try.

Philosopher, Doer, Generalist, Zen Mindfulness Meditator, Mathematician, PhD Candidate

When the self comes to a stop, truth simply makes its appearance.

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