What are the main issues in academia?

Hard facts can be understood only by a mind not polluted by views and thoughts.

No honesty, no truth.

HOne could start from different perspectives to deal with this topic, so many subtle details to reflect the chaos and problems; here in this article, let’s look at the issues from the nature of mind, which is the most fundamental level of analysis without involving any view, which must come from thoughts and ideas. Thoughts and ideas inevitably distort the fact, because thoughts and ideas are partial, but the fact is about the whole. Let’s fact the hard fact about the current academia.

Here is a list of the issues that deserve further reflection.

Academia is fraught with too much nonsense level research, making academia a playground for big egos and sociopaths. Academia is dealing with too many thoughts in all kinds of subtle forms, which leads to the inevitable pollution of the mind, including stress, anxiety and many antisocial behaviours; without the total understanding of the mind, people are easy to be trapped in thoughts, which re-enhance the self, the ego, the specialization, all kinds of forms of division, which inevitably leads to mental conflicts expressed in all kinds of forms. The bloated ego is everywhere in academia, seeking security and prestige lays the foundation of all kinds of mental violences. The dehumanized behaviours including intimidation and many inappropriate behaviours abound in academia and the offenders are easy to get away with these misdeed, because the rules are written by texts and can be interpreted to the offenders’ favour, fulfilling their potential as sociopaths. The ossfied and notorious hierarchy system in academia becomes the umbrella to protect the vested interests, creating an intimidating environment that latecomers find difficult to challenge but have to distort their mind to adapt to. It is inevitably leading to systematic corruption.

To reflect upon these questions, one has to turn inward to understand the self, which is the only way to understand all of these issues. If you feel disappointed with academia after reflection, please feel disappointed, because then you have seen the truth, which is not concocted by some thoughts, but the hard fact that we are all human beings.

Philosopher, Doer, Generalist, Zen Mindfulness Meditator, Mathematician, PhD Candidate

When the self comes to a stop, truth simply makes its appearance.

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