To embrace diversity, I choose solitude

There are two types of power to keep this world running: one is the power of nature, one is the power of human mind. Nature is always mysterious, and it is fun to debunk it with a slice of detachment; with this detachment, it is easy to enjoy the diversity of nature; however, when it comes to human mind, this detachment is not so easy to come by. Without this detachment, it is getting challenging to enjoy the diversity of human mind. I cannot merely ignore this diversity, because I am living in an interpersonal environment where the variety is omnipresent. In this article, I won’t challenge the importance of enjoying the diversity of human mind; but advocate one of the ways to embrace diversity: solitude.

Appreciating diversity is a mindset

Enjoying the diversity of human mind means a compassionate way of life. I can lead a life with an appreciation of the variety resulting from nature and human mind. It is a life with love and peace. Nature’s diversity provides me with beautiful views, landscape, mystique, and awe. The variety of human mind reveals various ideas, opinions, ideology, beliefs, and perspectives. Diversity is a cactus, and it is tricky to enjoy it without being needled. I argue that appreciating diversity is a mindset and a belief, which centers around a skillful balance of mental activities. This mentality may not be natural and therefore require cultivation, which means that it will be very unstable for a long time before mindset is eventually fixed. However, there may be no such a moment of “fixed”, since this mindset embodies a dynamic entanglement of mental activities. Unlike the clear-cut, judgemental and straightforward viewpoints formed subconsciously, this mindset is more sensitive to the external conditions, such as the relations, languages, and emotions, which means maintaining the balance requires a considerable amount of mental energy. I also argue that mental energy is limited and needs to be skimped on.

Solitude helps attain that mindset

For me, solitude is an excellent way to achieve that mindset. With solitude, I watch this dynamic from a distance, enjoy it without getting involved. With solitude, I wouldn’t spend so much of my mental energy shedding the influences from the external conditions, such as language, opinions, or soothing the unexpected resistance. With solitude, I could immerse myself in the inner richness of the mind to cultivate the affection for diversity. Incidentally, affection is a subjective thing, because subjectivity incarnates the mind. To embrace diversity, I appreciate the subjectivity of each thought, of course, in solitude.

Chao (Cico) Zhang
Philosopher, Doer, Generalist, Zen Mindfulness Meditator, Mathematician, PhD Candidate

With mindfulness and philosophy, I relish thinking about the meaning of being and doing.


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