Overspecialization creates intellecutual isolationism, or narrow-mindedness, or all kinds of academic boundaries, leaving little space for generalists, does this endanger academic freedom?

Intention matters; that’s why unwholesome intention matters to academia. Their influence should not be ignored.

Some reflections on acamdemic misconduct and scientific sabotage from the recent #MeTooAcademia event at VU.

A reflection on the relation between being critical and being nonjudgmental.

A concise summary of my thoughts on doing a PhD and what necessitates a well-deserved PhD

Mindless academia serves the ego, mindful academia betters the world.

I am looking for a mindful professor or researcher in related field for cooperation or supervision on my PhD projects.

Here I simply demostrate my philosophy of embracing diversity.

Why do I want to write more.

A spitual summary of my way of organizing workshop: be mindful!