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Events that I am (co-)organizing by my philosophical values

  1. Mindfulness session on Monday: link (Since November 2018)
  2. Talking in Chinese on Wednesday (for Chinese learners): link (Since October 2018)


A crucible of ideas and interests


A philosophical examination of academic integrity combining mindfulness and individual experience

A critical study of deep generative models applied to single cell datasets.

Mindfully and philosophically explore the meaning of being and doing.

A training course for bioloigist and biology educators

A learning project to debunk deep learning and satisfy my curiosity

A project aiming to link the dispersed human bio-molecular data for reuse

Lacking a deep understanding of human mind, that’s no possibility to be critical; as a slave to language, we keep playing the game of word to block us from seeing the truth.

The year 2019 is doomed to be unforgetable! I am so grateful to 2019, a year full of actions to practice mindfulness in life! From 2019, life has become a true meditation.

Any fight is a mental game, where the ugliest sides of human nature can reveal. Mindfulness helps you see the things as they are, which is the only way to understand the situation. To defend the values, you have to be mentally strong and you can be via mindfulness.

Overspecialization creates intellecutual isolationism, or narrow-mindedness, or all kinds of academic boundaries, leaving little space for generalists, does this endanger academic freedom?

Intention matters; that’s why unwholesome intention matters to academia. Their influence should not be ignored.


Nothing to be proud of

Freedom from the Known

Krishnamurti’s words deeply resonated with me and touched me, becuase of the experience I have been through. This book gave me the language and expression to describe mindfulness and meditation, to descibe the nature of human minds. Zen is a philosophy of negation, and K perfectly presented it via his way of teaching. Understanding what K said is never difficult, but deeply feeling it requires the life experience, which in reverse is the true understanding. Thank you, K!

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence

A very important book for my philosophy mindfulness, though it is one about psychedelics. In terms of spirituality, psychedelics and meditation converge eventually, that is, there is only one spirituality. They both needs philosophy to get the mind right. In a way, psychedelics + proper talks = meditation + philosophy = mindfulness.

The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect

A good review of the history of and philosophical explanation of causal models. I was influenced a lot by this book, because it helped me debunk the current data science and its hype, and gave me the confidence to further explore the philosophy behind science, which is a very differnt vista.

Probabilistic Graphical Models Specialization

A thorough introduction to graphical models and their applications, bringing me new insights into data analysis from different perspectives.
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Deep Learning

A thorough introduction to deep learning and its application, very helpful. It lets me unravel and debunk deep learning.
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As an assistant teacher (It does not represent my philosophical values of education)

I was an assistant teacher for the following courses at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:


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